Dry Needling

An acupuncture needle is inserted into a tight muscle, activating tiny spring-like fibers which loosen the fascial tissue and disrupt electrical impulses. This "twitch response&" completely relaxes the muscle. Releasing a single trigger point helps loosen long pathways of fascia along referral patterns through the matrix that connects the entire body. The result is a profound increase in range of motion and pain resolution.

Fascial Dry Needling

A brand new exclusive form of dry needling in an elite class of holistic medicine. Needling the Fascia is more gentle and yeilds better results than traditional Dry Needling methods, according to patients and existing physical therapists. The whole body is assessed and using acupuncture pathways as a guide to entertwining connective tissue, or fascia, treating muscular, visceral, and emotional health all at once.

Physical Therapy

Therapuetic exercise is administered for stretching and strengthening the body. Once the muscles are relaxed and the nerve signals restored, muscles that were once untrainable now can finally gain strength and flexibility. If you are already participating in a traditional Physical Therapy program, consider adding Dry Needling to attain full results.

Emotional Healing

The subconscious records every event of our life, in full detail. Often these memories are supressed deep into the tissue, or fascia, as traumatic experiences and emotional stress. Over time, the body physically tightens and pain patterns manifest. In combination with Dry Needling, the emotional healing procedure, mimics, yet is even more effective than, traditional EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping, used by physchiatrists, at erradicating these harmful memories from the tissue to restore your mental and physical health.

"The key to longevity is flexibility, in body and mind."

Craniosacral Therapy

The body is made up of a network of tissue called fascia. Craniosacral Therapy emplores light pressure on the body at "listening stations" to adjust and manipulate the fascia for blood flow and flexibility. Dry Needling is a perfect compliment, creating a very relaxing experience.

Myokinesthetic Massage

A special beveled tool is used to "scrape" toxins from the skin, while calcified tissue is broken up to assist the body in healing itself. This type of massage has profound effects on circulation and tissue flexibility and increases strength to the body.


Special pathways exist in the body that, when stimulated on the feet and hands, lead to amazing healing effects on the organs, emotions, and physical body. These points are accessed during your treatment to enhance relaxation and reorganization of the tissue.

Mindfulness Coaching

Learn a new way of experiencing the world around your through Mindfulness. Mindfulness is focused concentration on a specific sensation, and with simple practice, can lead to profound changes in your life. Coaching sessions will help you understanding the benefits of Mindfulness; offer supportive research, techniques to practice and follow-up appointments to ensure proper application.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils have been "medicine" since biblical times to remedy any form of ailment with powerful results. For instance, Oregano oil has been shown to provide 26 times the antimicrobial effects than traditional methods, and Frankincense's mechanism of healing bodily tissue is through repairing the cells genetic material at the level of the DNA. Essential oils are replacing traditional drugs as a non-toxic and more affordable effective option for healing.

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