Kyle A. Danemayer, MPT, TDN, CST

Matrix Dry Needle Physical Therapy, LLC

Master Physical Therapist / Instructor

Certified in Trigger Point Dry Needling

Craniosacral, Prayer, Reflexology

Ordained Minister, Mindfulness Coach

Kyle Danemayer is a 21 year veteran Physical Therapist who specializes in Dry Needling. His knowledge base lies in orthopaedic conditions and how they relate to the central nervous system. Mr. Danemayer, being the first PT to dry needle in Cincinnati, now teaches certification classes in Fascial Dry Needling in his hometown.

Matrix Dry Needle's main office is in Blue Ash, at Family Tree Chiropractic and Wellness Center,owned by Dr. Gregory Pitman. The Fascial Dry Needling Workshops are also located at this christian-based holistic facility. Matrix was once located at Dr. Blatman's Blatman Health and Wellness, Blue Ash Center, and Dr. Reineck's Living With Motion Chiropractic, Loveland office, and may one day be present there again.

Being a holistic practioner, Kyle incorporates Craniosacral, Christian Prayer, and Reflexology therapies to heal. He has even developed a brand new Emotional Healing procedure to treat the most difficult conditions by clearing harmful subconscious patterns with needle work, prayer, and a treatment similar to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), commonly performed by psychiatrists. Some of his patients have reported spontaneous healing, while others claim a great reduction in their symptoms after one visit.

Kyle received a Master's degree in Physical Therapy from The University of Mount St. Joseph in 1999. Nine years later, he became certified in Trigger Point Dry Needling. A primary certification in Baltimore, Massachusetts was followed by two years of supervised training and a second certification in Brighton, Colorado. Mr. Danemayer is also well trained in mindfulness, and meditative prayer, offering private lessons and exercise classes in each. Kyle's most recent (2015) endavour, obtaining ordainment in Christian ministry, has catipulted the effects of his multi-disciplinary approach to healing.

The next Fascial Dry Needling Certification workshop will be in the Fall of 2018, and on-site clinic workshops are ongoing. Please inquire and register through this website on the Workshops page.

Kyle A. Danemayer, PT

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