Workshop Level 2

The intermediate workshop will build upon the first with a fuller understanding of the human fascial network system. You will begin to understand how every part of the body is connected through Fascia; muscles, bones, organs, and emotion. More advanced needling procedures will be thoroughly demonstrated, including the lung field and pelvic floor musculature. You will polish a finer hand technique and learn how to manipulate the needle in different ways to produce profound benefits to your patients. Additional emphasis will be placed on coupling needling with other holistic medicine, including EFT (Emotional Feedom Technique), a subconcious procedure used by many psychologists, to enlist physical, mental, and spiritual healing.

This elite series of Fascial Dry Needling workshops are designed to teach treatments for patients with enigmatic and myofascial pain disorders. The classes meet from Friday (12-8p.m.) to Satuday (8a.m.-5p.m.) and are deliberately kept smaller than other Dry Needling courses to ensure a better hands-on experience. Following successful completion of a written examination, each participant will also receive an official Certificate to Practice allowable under the rules and regulations of individual state licensure boards.

Target Audience: MDs, DOs, NDs, DDSs, DCs, PTs, OTs, MSTs, RPhs, DCs, PAs, NPs, ATCs, and Acupuncturists

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Class Size: 1-5 participants

Individual: $1,350

Group: $1,150 each

($550 for non-needlers)


Kyle Danemayer, PT, a 18 year veteran physical therapist, was the first to Dry Needle in the Cincinnati Tri-State area more than a decade ago. Since that time, he has evolved the procedure to include the myofascial network system, called Fascial Dry Needling. With a strong orthopedic background, training in Craniosacral and Energy medicines, education in Applied Kinesiology/TCM, and an ministry ordainment, Mr. Danemayer needles in a novel, gentle, and intuitive manner that yields unparalleled results.

The Facility:

In 2013, Mr. Danemayer started working within Family Tree Chiropractic and Wellness, a holistic care center owned by Dr. Gregory Pitman. The Family subscribes to a multidisciplinary model with a common mission to restore the patient’s own, natural God-given ability to heal.

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