Rob Stansel

Every insight, even if it's hard to accept, helps. Insight is a God whisper to bring you closer to His healing powers and Love, to see the real problem and see its true source. This is the Gift that Kyle gives to every patient he serves...not only with his expertise in his profession, but with his healing powers from God! I am living proof that Kyle's treatments prevented surgery on my torn meniscus, three month recovery and a future knee replacement. Kyle performed Miracles for me in just 30 days!

Hopefully my experiences will encourage you to seek the path of Truth.

Cathy Cann

I was so lucky the day my orthopedic doctor recommended that I see physical therapist / dry needling expert Kyle Danemayer. I was so nervous but was immediately put at ease. Kyle has such a positive attitude and as I would come to know, one of the purest hearts I have ever experienced in a person. The dry needling has really helped me with the chronic pain that I have had and the reflexology and craniosacral therapy has had a tremendous effect on my personal life.

Daily Testimonials

Another great session with Kyle!


Great session! Kyle came highly recommended. I can see why. He is very intuitive-made a thorough assessment of my issues. I think we made a lot of progress on this first treatment. I look forward to further treatments and being pain free.


Kyle is such a special special person . One of the most kind and caring person ever!


Thanks, Kyle! I'll definitely be back in ASAP. Appreciate it.


Thanks Kyle, I appreciate the positive thinking pointers as well as the prayer over Rachel. That is a big part of the healing.


Kyle is wonderful at pain relief & all he does to make a complete experience at my appointments.


As usual Kyle made everything better


Kyle is wonderful at relieving pain. His bedside manner is also the best.


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